FAQ On Working With The Next Step

What are WOTC cards?
They are professionally designed and produced glossies that quickly explain the basics of the WOTC law. (See examples below.)
Are there any hidden costs for the WOTC Cards to my service or the job seeker?
No, we provide the cards and ship them to you.
How can I order the cards (or more cards)?
Click here: Order WOTC cards
What is the difference between a "participating agency” and  a "partner agency”?
We will provide the WOTC cards and general advice and assistance on the WOTC to any agency that works with helping felons or other disadvantaged workers get hired.  That is a "participating agency.”  
Members and staff of a “partner agency” are entitled to matched job leads from the database.  To be a “partner agency” means that the agency assists in populating and keeping the database current and dynamic by providing employer data at the beginning of the relationship and by updating it with reporting about jobs obtained on an ongoing basis.
What is meant by “matched job leads”?
Our database and/or personnel matches the job seekers’ training, interests, experience and overall credentials and the job candidate's locale (and any relevant limitations) with suitable employers drawn from the database.  
How long are matched job leads supplied to a member of a partner agency?
Until the job candidate gets hired or quits working the leads provided.  Part of your responsibility as “a partner agency” is to notify us of employment obtained within 10 days of the work start date.
How can I obtain matched job leads for members of my population seeking work?
Schedule a call with TNS to take the simple steps toward becoming “a partner agency.” You can schedule a time easily by visiting this link
How can I schedule a call with TNS to discuss becoming “a partner agency”?
Just click on this link to see times when we are available for the call. You'll fill out a very short form with your name, email and the phone number where we can reach you at the appointed time. 
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