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At The Next Step, we firmly believe that you are just as qualified for employment as the applicant sitting next to you in the waiting room -- but you have another advantage with the $2,400 WOTC tax credit!  We will help you find a job by providing you with leads for "Felon-Friendly Employers" (FFEs), and then we will work with your employer to be sure they are able to successfully apply for the tax credit they are due.

Here are answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions from Job Candidates like you.

Ready to Enroll with The Next Step to receive leads for "Felon Friendly Employers"? Locate your Supervisory Agency below and complete the available webform.

If you do not see a form for your system below, please have your Case Manager, Parole or Probation Officer get in touch with us on the For Agencies page in order to participate on your behalf!

Make sure you have “I am a WOTC eligible Candidate!” cards to take with you when applying for any positions to let businesses know that hiring YOU can save them money!


Federal Bureau of Prisons





  • All Ohio participants enroll in the program while still incarcerated.


If you have any trouble filling out the web forms above please send an email to for assistance.


Read more about how to make the most of your employer leads and secure good employment. 

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